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2011 Fire Calls

Fuller Road Fire District feels the effects of Tropical Storm Irene

On Sunday, August 28, 2011 the Capital District was pummeled by Tropical Storm Irene. We had heard several days prior that then, Hurricane Irene was causing all kinds of problems in the Carolina’s, Virginia and Washington,DC and  was headed our way. Once it got to the Albany area on Sunday morning, the hurricane was downgraded to a tropical storm. The town’s fire departments were ready. The Emergency Operations Center opened at 8AM on Sunday, and a town wide fire department stand-by was activated. The dispatch center as well as the EOC was busy fielding calls for service.  The numbers of incidents quickly overtook the resources that were available.  Fuller Road Fire Department handled over 30 pump - out calls that day and several more on the following three days that were storm related, not to mention a few wires down calls, alarm drops etc.

Our district was lucky. Several areas of the Capital District like Schoharie and Greene Counties did not make out so well.  Many bodies of water rose over their banks and literally destroyed homes and businesses . Our thoughts and prayers are with those people struggling with the destruction in those areas. The Town of Colonie Fire Departments as well as EMS are being deployed to those areas to help all those in need.

Firefighters' home burns in Colonie

When the call came around 7p.m. for a fire at 2 Pinehurst in Colonie Saturday night, firefighters who heard the call knew whose house they were going to. The Truax residence is a rented property that is home to Kris and Nick Truax, both Fuller Road firefighters. They were both in their gear working the fire, along with brother Dave and cousin Tommy Praisner. Steve Truax, a Latham firefighter, was there too - distraught over his family's calamity and frustrated at not being granted authorization to join his brothers on this particular job.

"It's tough," Nick told CBS 6 News. "This is what you train for, this is what we do, what we love to do - helping out. Then you get the call and it's in your own home and it's a completely overwhelming feeling."

Kris Truax said the fire began in his basement bedroom. There was no indication of how it began.

"As soon as I pulled up on the apparatus my first thought was to make sure everybody was out," says Nick Truax. "Most of the brothers and sisters were at a friend's house, so it was just my parents and two of my brothers and they got out safely."

There are sixteen members of the Truax family, the youngest being a five-year-old.


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