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    • Fuller Road Fire Department

      Serving The Town of Colonie, N.Y. since 1926

      We are 100% volunteer


Company Drill 8/9/2022

Tested members skills and teamwork. Started by donning their gear and making sure everyone on their team was dressed correctly, then moved on to attaching the hose line to Engine-412, connecting the hose lines together and attaching the nozzle, then finally signaling to the driver that they are ready for water.

Company Drill 7/12/2022

Truck Operations

Basics of ladders, and aerial operations, as well as an overview of all of the compartments on the ladder truck.

Company Drill 7/25/2022

Truck Operations

Advanced aerial operations. The aerial/bucket was brought to almost ground level, if someone needed to be rescued from a roof or a hard-to-reach area.

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